How Google Tests Software

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Some lessons from initial Google’s QA

Testing at Google

3 Gears of Success

Engineering Roles

Google has a saying “You build it, You break it”.

Engineering Roles

Crawl, Walk, Run Approach

Ex. from a Google blog : Gmail → A product that kept its beta tag for four years. That tag was our warning to users that it was still being perfected. We removed the beta tag only when we reached our goal of 99.99% uptime for a real user’s email data. Obviously, quality is a work in progress!

5 Channels

DogfoodingInternal adoption of software that is not yet released. The phrase “eating your own dogfood” is meant to convey the idea that if you make a product to sell to someone else, you should be willing to use it yourself to find out if it is any good.

Testing on the Toilet (TotT) Concept

Testing on the Toilet

Google wanted to spread this secret weapon ‘Testing on the Toilet’ Concept with the rest of the world and they are putting episodes on the below blog on a regular basis and providing PDFs. ‘

Ex :

Fixing Test Hour Glass

Evolution of Test Pyramid

At a glance, following chart gives you a good understanding of Benefits of Test Pyramid Approach ahead Traditional (Ice-cream Cone) Approach.

Flaky Tests at Google

Google has a new team dedicated to provide accurate & timely information about test flakiness and analyze the data from flaky test executions.

Few Catchy Statements found in the Book ‘How Google Tests Software’



As Test Engineers we all should try to be a Full stack Quality Engineers who will think about the many different aspects of product quality across all the application’s layers using different testing methods such as functionality, none-functionality (usability, performance, security etc. ) and will also be familiar with test automation strategies and technologies.




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