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Open-source Performance Testing Tools are not a new thing for us who are in Quality Engineering track.
We have a privilege to choose any of the tools according our preferences and the scope. Among them,

Locust is a modern Load testing tool which allows us to specify loading scenarios by a Python code.

Let’s go through the following to get a basic idea of Locust Performance Tool.

Google was founded in September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and back then same as initial stages of the other Software Companies, Google also used traditional processes of software testing.
But, with the rapidly growth of the Company, they learnt some lessons from traditional processes and innovated new processes of Software Testing.

As Google is one of the most successful software companies in the world, let’s see the lessons they learnt and Innovative techniques they use for software testing and how could we apply those processes and techniques to improve ourselves in software testing.

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We will go through…

Dilusha Kumarage

Software Quality Engineering Lead

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